1966 Innocenti Lambro 450 Coffee Van Food Truck

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Classic 1966 Innocenti Lambro 450 Coffee Van Food Truck Not Piaggio Ape - Picture 1 of 12

1966 Innocenti Lambro 450 Coffee Van Food Truck 

Sadly up for sale due to is my beautiful little 1966 Innocenti Lambro 450, 175cc 3 wheeled van.

I could go on and on about this little Lambro. I imported her from Italy over a decade ago in which time she has slowly been transformed into what you see here.

oozing character and just plain coolness. My plan was to convert and use her as a mobile coffee van and indeed she only really needs a few things done and she’ll be ready to rock! You can check out my Instagram page @lambru_coffee to see the restoration process and indeed what I was trying to create as a coffee business.

The good news is she runs. drives and stops! really well.. This little vehicle is very easy to drive & very manoeuvrable.

With Matching engine and chassis numbers. A factory fitted electric start 175cc 2 stroke motor with a 4 speed gearbox which includes a reverse gear!

She is UK registered and plated.. with a V5 Log book in my name, a nice age related number plate is fitted.

MOT and Tax exempt!

She’s lovely and cute with so much character. This little Lambro has a real story to tell. Unlike all of those late model Piaggio Ape conversations.. Just so boring!

This Lambro gets loads of attention! OMG the interest and questions. Haha people wave and smile while scrambling for their phones to get a pic!

As you can probably see there has been loads of time and money invested in this project.. money which I’m afraid I probably won’t be getting back! But hey if someone can carry on from where I’ve left off I’ll be happy.. and I sure as hell know they will be too!

Now as far as finishing her off she is 98% done. It’s really deciding what you would like to do with her.. A Coffee Van, mobile bar, food truck the list is as big as your imagination!.

Yes that is an Original Lambro back box the holy grail of anything Lambro.. Rare as hens teeth!

This back box has had side flaps/doors/wings added which need a little adjustment and the struts need re-gasing. A fake floor or counter top was created in which contains hidden storage and a 40 litre water tank plus wash basin. The boxed in area is clad in reclaimed Canadian maple floor boards sourced from an old tobacco warehouse in Liverpool. So basically the back box is ready to take on whatever you want.

As you can see there has been a lot of love and thought put into this little gem. So please don’t bother offering stupidly low prices. I am not in a hurry to sell and am quiet happy to take my time to get her sold at a fair price.

A small deposit of £500 will be taken from the buyer either via PayPal or bank transfer and the remainder is to be paid in Cash on collection of the vehicle.

The Lambro will need to collected with a trailer.

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