1964 Honda The Ninety Pushrod C200/CA200 87cc

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1964 Honda The Ninety Pushrod C200/CA200 87cc

For sale is a Honda C200, a charming and nimble motorcycle that is easy to ride and exceptionally reliable. This four-stroke single machine starts up effortlessly with a quiet and smooth idling engine. It is a pleasure to ride with its comfortable and convenient sit-up-and-beg riding position. All controls are light, positive, and within easy reach, while the clutch is especially effortless. The C200 is perfect for navigating through traffic, thanks to its maneuverability.

The brakes are adequate, although the front brake can be a little spongy at times. The electrical equipment is up to the usual excellent Honda standard, with a neutral indicator light, flashing indicators, speedometer light, stop light, pilot light, and amply powerful main beam. The flashing indicator switch operation is positive.

The C200 boasts an impressive engine with plenty of power, good cruising speed, and ultra-economy, making it a fantastic buy. The all-iron barrel and cylinder head help to keep mechanical noise low, and the bike is oil tight.


Engine: Honda 87 cc (49 x 46 mm) OHV single with a compression ratio of 8 to 1. Crankshaft supported by journal ball bearings and a caged roller big-end bearing, cast-iron cylinder head and barrel.

Carburation: Keihin PWI8HA with direct shutter for cold starting.

Electrical Equipment: AC generator, coil ignition with six-amp-hour battery charged through selenium rectifier, approximately 5 1/2in diameter headlamp with 25/25-watt main bulb, flashing indicators, and neutral indicator light.

Transmission: Four-speed gearbox in unit with engine; rocking-pedal foot control, multi-plate clutch, primary drive by spur gears, and rear chain enclosed in pressed-steel case. Gear ratios: bottom, 25.2; second, 16′; third, 11.8; top, 9.51 to 1. Engine RPM at 30 mph in top gear is 4,400.

Fuel Capacity: Approximately 1.9 gallons.

Brakes: Approximately 5 inches in diameter, front and rear, with finger adjusters.

Suspension: Hydraulically damped pivoted front and rear forks.

Dimensions: Wheelbase, 47 in; ground clearance, 7 in; seat height, 30 in. All unladen.

Weight: 115 lb fully equipped and with approximately one gallon of petrol.

Maximum Speed: 53 mph (with following wind) and 51 mph (average of runs in both directions).

Fuel Used: 175 mpg at 30 mph and 112 mpg at 40 mph.

Please study the photos carefully before making a bid. Payment can be made via bank transfer or cash on collection. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Viewing can be arranged by appointment.

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